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Election 2016 or Time for a Moral Inventory

The 2016 Election season has been one of surprises and not the good kind, though some are still waiting for someone to yell surprise, jokes on you, America, they aren’t the the real candidates.  This, however, is not the case.  America has two candidates who fall below the line of desirability.  Yet, people are still advocating for, fighting for, doing violence to one another on behalf of theses candidates, candidates whom they don’t really like.

Reader, I could throw my stones at each of these powerful contenders of the throne, but I will do my best to resist.  I’ll resist because I believe the situation we have found ourselves in is one which we have created ourselves.  Want to know how we ended up here?  Take a look at American society in general and you’ll find that this election mirrors our society.  Everything we despise about the election this year indicates to us what is out of place in our society, in our daily lives.  The deception is that we think these ills only reside in the individuals who are up for election.  Trumps treatment of women and the growing number of women who have come out on social media to tell of how they have been sexually assaulted is a low hanging fruit which demonstrates my point.  It turns out that Trump’s not the only one to (supposedly) participate in such behavior, there are thousands, perhaps in the millions, of men and women who have done similar acts as Trump.  Hilary doesn’t escape such examination, either.  The leaked emails only goes to show how the politically powerful manage the affairs of the American people while doing so without much of a vote.  In a democracy, you would expect outrage and a call to withdrawal from the election.  This hasn’t been the case, outside of talking heads with other agendas for her stepping down.  We, the American people, don’t do more than blink and then carry on with our lives.  Our deepest suspicions have been confirmed.  We knew this is how the world worked, and it turns out it does.  The collective cynicism has made possible a world where outrage against such manipulations of the system has become weak, sickly, and almost nonexistent.

Yes, this is a grave situation and one which ought to cause the American society as a whole to pause, reflect, and take in what AA calls a moral inventory.  John Wesley began a movement by organizing people into groups wherein which people took moral inventory every week and confessed to one another their sins.  As with AA, it’s more than a time of confessing and feeling bad for what has been done or what hasn’t been done but a time for forgiveness, reconciliation and most importantly accountability.  If we can learn to confess to another, then perhaps we might learn to tell the truth.  In telling the truth, we might learn how to live in such a way where “rape culture” becomes an artifact in the American past.

It’s too much, I know, to ask America to organize into small groups for such purposes.  I know this because society at large lost it’s desire to listen to the church, and there are many reasons for that.  But I hope, this election cycle will cause us all to stop, pause, reflect upon how we have made possible a world where deception, lying, sexual abuse, greed, and a host of other immoral behavior has become part and parcel of the American political system.  As I throw this stone, I know that I too am complicit.  I have kept my mouth shut when I should have spoken up.  I have called both candidate names which no one should be called.  Reader, I could carry on with my confession for days.  So for now, I must say, Lord, in your mercy, hear my prayer…

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“Her heart was …

“Her heart was a secret garden and the walls were very high.” -The Princess Bride

I recently stopped dating a woman who could have said this same thing.  We connected on a variety of levels – from sex to intellect we found each other stimulating.   I have always been so trusting with people that my heart was a public garden for all to have a share.  After the past several relationship failures and losses of friendship, the walls are growing and my heart is becoming a secret.  Trusting others becomes harder and my genuine interest in others devolves into selfishly preoccupied thoughts of the present, past and future.  Surely there is a better way than me-first and high walls of distrust?!?  I know that God has more for me than that but right now I am licking my wounds in high-walled secret garden- there hangs a sign, “stay the fuck out”.

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June 8, 2013 · 10:11 pm