Bio: Before I tell you about myself, let me tell you about "More than Access". MTA is about friendship. The blogs, not all but most, will advocate that what's needed most in our tolerated, legislated, legally taxing American society, is not more access to programs, though that is necessary, but friendship. What good does it do to build wheelchair assessable ramps but not know the people who use them? The telos of accessibility isn't mere use of a structure but the building of a community of friendship. This is what Christ has been teaching me and I hope to share what I've learned. Now a little about myself, I am a priest or pastor or minister or whatever term you prefer. I speak on behalf of God's people to God and for God to God's people. This isn't a privileged position. Frankly, it's joyfully frightening. All Christians are priests, so Peter tells us, but some are called to be priests to priests - that's me. I preach, counsel, teach, visit, and point to God whenever possible in both word and deed.

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